While we are not professional portrait photographers, we do offer good quality photos of you in a security uniform which come in (2) 8 x 10 prints, and we email a digital copy of your photo to you, to incorporate as part of your resume, so your perspective employers can see how great you look in uniform!

Our uniforms are generic and do not have any specific insignia which states that you were part of a certain company. This photo offer is available ONLY to LPG Graduates of the Guard Card Class.

These photos are taken typically taken after your Guard Card class, and you must be at least wearing a t-shirt or undershirt to wear our uniform for the photo.

These photos are also great gifts to your family and friends as keepsakes and to show how proud you are of this accomplishment.

The (2) 8 x 10 photos and digital copy are sold for $20 and the photos can either be picked up at our office or sent to you by mail.

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Price $20.00